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Welcome to Unique Crushed Bricks

Unique Crushed Bricks was established in 2003 to help combat the amount of brick waste going to land fill. At Unique Crushed Bricks we recycle bricks into an environmentally friendly product, which has a number of uses such as garden bed mulch, pathways and driveways, as well as surfacing red porous tennis courts.

We cater for the general public, landscape gardeners and to garden supplies. We offer a unique product that is maintenance free, and will keep your garden looking like new for years to come. Our brick mulch will not blow away, rot or discolor, and helps keep moisture locked below the surface to keep plants hydrated- a real benefit considering the current climate and water restrictions.

Landscaping your garden can be a real labour of love; the unique shapes, sizes, and colour of crushed bricks add that much desired individual touch to your garden.

Unique Crushed Bricks is located at the rear of 77 high st in Thomastown or give us a call on:


Sam - 0425 784 534

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